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February 23, 2017

ITC: no anti-dumping duties on Chinese truck/bus tire

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From Tire Business comes word that the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) will not order antidumping and countervailing duties from Chinese truck and bus tire manufacturers and importers. By a 3-2 vote, the ITC determined that the domestic truck and bus tire industry has not suffered material injury because of Chinese imports. The United Steelworkers union petitioned the ITC in January 2016, requesting antidumping and countervailing duty relief protection from Chinese truck and bus tire imports under Sections 701 and 731 of the Trade Act.

February 14, 2017

Evonik introduces Polyvest ST, an additive to improve silica/silane/rubber interaction

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This week at the Tire Tech Expo in Hannover, Germany, Evonik Industries introduced a new product called Polyvest ST that is designed to improve the compatibility between silica, silane, and rubber in tire formulations. Green tire technology, which uses precipitated silicas and rubber silanes like Si 69, already reduces rolling resistance by up to 30 percent relative to carbon-black-filled tires. According to Evonik, the special feature of the new development is this: according to a fundamental principle in the tire industry, known as the magic triangle, any improvement in one of the core properties of a tire— rolling resistance, wet grip, and abrasion resistance—is always at the expense of at least one of the others. Evonik’s new development further improves the compatibility of silica and rubber in combination with Si 69® or Si 266®, thus pushing out the boundaries of the triangle. The press release does not give details on Polyvest ST, but Evonik Polyvest product range consists of a range of “stereospecific, low viscous and unsaponifiable liquid polybutadienes of different chemical compositions,” according to the company’s website.

Here is the press release.

Solvay introduces new highly dispersible silica at Tire Tech

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Notch is at the Tire Tech Expo in Hannover, Germany this week. One of this year’s big product announcements at the conference came from Solvay Silica, which unveiled Premium SW, a new performance Highly Dispersible Silica (HDS). In a press release on the product, Solvay says that Premium SW is a benchmark for energy-saving and high- performance tires for passenger cars. Premium SW increases the rolling-resistance and safety in ultra high performance tires of up to 25% as well as a 15% improvement in durability for fuel efficient tires.

Premium SW also shows the most promising results compared to carbon black in the truck tire market, according to Solvay. Premium SW improves the rolling resistance by more than 30% while maintaining the same level of tread wear. Solvay is making Premium SW available from multiple production sites around the globe.

Here is the press release.

Pyrolyx USA plans tire recycling plant in Indiana

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Pyrolyx USA, which is a new joint venture between Pyrolyx AG and ReKlaim, plans to build a new tire recycling plant in Terre Haute, Indiana. The 50,000-square-foot plant will be located in the Fort Harrison Business Park and, according to Pyrolyx USA’s CEO Tom Redd, will be identical Pyrolyx’s existing plant in Stegelitz, Germany. Tires will be shredded at other locations in Indiana and Illinois and shipped to Terre Haute by truck or rail. The Pyrolyx plant would generate 55 full-time jobs. Once all necessary approvals are granted, Pyrolyx expects to break ground in June and have the project up and running in summer 2018.


Notch updates report on Extended Mobility Systems (run-flat tires, tire repair kits, self-sealing tires)

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In 2008, 68% of all passenger cars assembled worldwide came equipped with a full-size spare tire, but by 2015 that number had fallen to just 40% as automakers sought to reduce vehicle weight and save space. By 2020, the number of cars with full-size spares is forecast to fall to 36%. Notch Consulting has updated a multi-client market research report that examines the systems that are replacing the spare tire in new cars: Prospects for Extended Mobility Systems: Run-Flat Tires, Tire Repair Kits & Self-Sealing Tires in OEM Passenger Car Markets. This 78-page report includes 17 tables detailing demand for each of these three products in OEM passenger car markets by region and by customer, as well as average pricing, market share by supplier, and profiles of leading suppliers. The report provides data in units for all years from 2008 through 2016, with forecasts for all years from 2017 through 2020, as well as 2025. Data on run-flat tires cover all years 2002 through 2020, as well as 2025. Contact Notch at for more information or to order.

January 23, 2017

Carbon black conference coming to Chennai in November

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The Carbon Black 2017 Perspective in Asia Pacific conference has released details on its global conference scheduled for November 7-9 in Chennai, India. The conference will be held at the Hotel Le Royal Meridien. Here is the preliminary program. Notch will be presenting a paper on global market conditions and outlook. This conference is held every two years and was most recently held in Yokohama, Japan in November 2015.

January 11, 2017

Bridgestone investing $180M at Wilson, NC tire plant

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On January 9, Bridgestone Americas announced plans to invest an additional $180 million at its passenger tire plant in Wilson, North Carolina, bringing its total investment at the site to $344 million over the next 10 years. The investment includes a new rubber mixer as well as funding for innovative manufacturing processes and technology. The project will add 16 jobs at the plant.

Groundbreaking for the 50,000 square foot building to house the new mixer will begin in the spring, with startup scheduled for the fall of 2018. The Wilson plant currently spans 2.5 million square feet and was last expanded in 1999, adding 85,000 square feet to the facility.

The multi-phase expansion will allow the plant to meet global demand for higher rim diameter tires, as well as improve quality and productivity while reducing costs.  Combined, the project is adding manufacturing space to accommodate new tire assembly machines, materials handling systems, curing presses and associated equipment to increase plant capacity by 3,000 tires per day, bringing daily production to 35,000 tires by 2018.

Yokohama Rubber acquires Japanese industrial tire producer Aichi Tire

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On January 6, the Yokohama Rubber Co., Ltd., announced that it had reached agreement with the shareholders of Aichi Tire Industry Co., Ltd., to purchase all of that company’s shares. Aichi Tire, headquartered in Komaki, Aichi, manufactures tires for industrial machinery, including forklifts. Yokohama’s plans call for completing the acquisition by March, 2017.

Aichi Tire’s products include solid tires and press-on tires. The company supplies those tires to an extensive clientele of industrial machinery manufacturers, mainly in Japan.

Pyrolyx and Reklaim form North American joint venture for recovered carbon black

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Pyrolyx AG (Munich, Germany) and Reklaim, Inc. (Seattle, WA) have formed a joint venture to produce recovered carbon black from end-of-life tires. The new venture, Pyrolyx USA, Inc., is owned 81% by Pyrolyx and will implement Pyrolyx’s proprietary manufacturing process at new facilities across North America. Reklaim’s top management will run Pyrolyx USA. No further details were released at the time of the announcement in December.


January 1, 2017

Wishing all a happy, safe, and prosperous new year

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