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February 13, 2008

Making Bicycle Tires

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From Singletrack, a site dedicated to mountain biking, comes a glimpse inside Continental’s bicycle tire factory in Korbach, Germany.
Construction of the bicycle tires consists of:

  • 3 layers of carcass laid on to the tyre bead.
  • then either 2 layers of nylon “breaker” (anti-puncture reinforcement strip), OR 1 layer of Vectran (Kevlar) breaker (for higher end tyres).
  • Chafer strip (which prevents rim damage to the tyre sidewall).
  • Layer of tread rubber.
  • The tyre then goes through the curing process (at 180c) and is steam-pressured in a mould to form the tread pattern.

Here is the article.


Photo: Singletrack magazine. Carcass is yellow, breaker is brown.

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