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June 6, 2008

Bridgestone Run-Flat Shipments Reach 10 Million

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On Wednesday, Bridgestone Corporation announced that its shipments of self-supporting run-flat tires had reached 10 million units in April 2008. Bridgestone shipped its first run-flat tire in 1987 (to Porsche). Run-flat shipments reached one million units in February 2004 and five million units in April 2006. Bridgestone produces run-flats at six plants in four countries — Japan, the US, Poland and South Africa. RFT production was added at the South Africa in April 2008.

ITC Rescinds Exclusion Order Against Sinorgchem

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Rubber & Plastics News reported on Wednesday that the US International Trade Commission has rescinded the limited exclusion order barring the sale of rubber antidegradants manufactured by Sinorgchem Co. Shandong in the United States. The chemicals were sold through Sovereign Chemical Co. The ban covered 4-ADPA produced by Sinorgchem, as well as 6PPD produced from the disputed 4-APDA, whether by Sinorgchem or others.

The ban was instituted in July 2006 in response to a complaint filed by Flexsys America LP in early 2005. Last December, a federal appeals court reversed and remanded the finding that Sinorgchem had directly infringed on the Flexsys patents, which led to the decision to rescind the limited exclusion order issued at that time.

Here is the Rubber & Plastics News article (subscription required).
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Here is a copy of the ITC order (from Anticipate This!).

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