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June 11, 2010

Evonik Raises Carbon Black Prices

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Evonik Industries issued a press release today announcing a price increase for rubber grade carbon blacks in Europe and neighboring countries of Euro 130 per ton. The release is reprinted below in its entirety.

Price Increase Carbon Black Rubber grades CORAX, Durex, ECORAX & PUREX

The Inorganic Materials Business Unit of Evonik Industries, Essen, is increasing prices for Carbon Black Rubber grades CORAX®, Durex®, ECORAX® & PUREX® by 130,-€/ton in Europe and neighboring countries.
The price increase will be effective for all deliveries on or after July 15, 2010. Evonik is one of the world’s largest producer of carbon black (furnace carbon black, lamp black, and gas black).

Statement from Himadri Regarding Haripal Plant

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A spokesperson for Himadri Chemicals & Industries has provided the following statement regarding the incident that occurred at its Haripal plant in Hooghly District, India earlier this week. The statement is provided in its entirety.

With reference to incorrect reports in media about our plant, I want to share correct facts and also assure [customers] that our plant at Mahestikri is fully operational and there is no stoppage of production.

Our plant is fully automatic controlled unit and has self built controls for any malfunctioning. The plant at Haripal in Maheshtikri is a coal tar distillation unit and the process does not use any acid or any harmful material as a raw material or as a catalyst. The plant is in compliance to requirements of local laws and also meeting standards set by IFC, Washington who conduct regular compliance audits.

One of the burners had malfunctioned and emissioned small quantity of black ash aerosol which is completely non-hazardous and harmless to any plant and living species. This was automatically controlled by the inbuilt system in the process. Some people with malafide intensions misused this and wanted to extract compensation which we believe was unfair. This led to some agitation and protests by them which ultimately calmed down since it had no proper basis. The media has painted the picture differently as compared to correct facts as above and we can assure you that plant is fully operational.

Let me assure that dispatches to our valued customers will continue as per plan and you should not have any worry on this front.

Production Problems at Himadri Plant Cause Local Unrest

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Earlier this week, Himadri Chemicals’ Haripal plant in Hooghly District, India experienced a problem with a burner that led to unplanned emissions of soot into the plant’s surrounding area. The problem seemed to be in the coal tar distillation unit and not the carbon black unit. The emissions caused the local population to surround and temporarily shut down the plant, causing some Rs 50 lakh of damage to plant offices. The crowd’s reaction seemed to be greatly amplified by anger over the Bhopal verdict, which had come out the day before. On Wednesday, June 9, members of a seven member team from the state Pollution Control Board began a probe into the incident.

“The preliminary report indicates limited emission of carbon which does not seem very serious. However, we have ordered a detailed inquiry,” said M.L. Meena, the state environment secretary.

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