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April 4, 2011

Rhein Chemie takes over two Flexsys product lines

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Rhein Chemie announced today that it had acquired two product lines from Flexsys America, a subsidiary of Solutia. Rhein Chemie is taking over the Vocol and Santoweb product lines including customer lists, tolling agreements and know-how. Employees of Flexsys are not part of the transaction. The transaction is effective immediately. Terms of the deal have not been disclosed.

Vocol is a high-quality dithiophosphate accelerator that generates an extremely stable rubber network during vulcanization. It is particularly beneficial for thick-walled rubber articles such as solid rubber tires or fenders (for example to protect the outer skin of a ship) because this counters the reversion of the rubber network typical of protracted vulcanization times.

The Santoweb product range comprises pre-dispersed polymer-bound cellulose fiber batches used, for example, as reinforcement materials in the manufacture of drive belts and conveyor belts.

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