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September 5, 2011

Aeolus Tyres goes ‘green’

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Chinese tire maker Aeolus Tyre celebrates major environmental initiatives and products as it announces that Aeolus is now producing all of its truck, trailer and EM tires in a clean and sustainable way. The new truck and trailer tire design reduces road noise level and fuel consumption. Aeolus is the first Chinese tire maker to earn the right to call itself ‘green’. At a gathering in Jiaozuo,China, Aeolus Tyres (part of ChemChina, one of the world’s largest companies) unveiled a number of important developments. Mr Wang Feng, vice-president and general manager of Aeolus Tyres, said, “Production at Aeolus is now truly ‘green’ and sustainable. We are doing that in a way which has earned us the waste zero emission label. We produce the tyres themselves with no toxic substances and by making the most efficient possible use of resources. In terms of technology we have been working closely with GoodYear for some time…”

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