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April 9, 2013

J.D. Power: consumers less satisfied with run-flat tires than standard

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Rubber & Plastics News (subscription required) has details on a new consumer satisfaction survey from J.D. Power that indicates that owners of 2011- and 2012-model year cars in the US equipped with run-flat tires are less satisfied with their tires than owners of cars with standard tires. The findings are based on input from about 2,150 owners of cars with run-flats, about 7% of all respondents. Run-flats are installed primarily on luxury and performance sports cars and, while both groups were less satisfied with run-flats, the dissatisfaction was more pronounced among sports car drivers:

The difference in satisfaction level among owners of luxury vehicles vs. others was only about 1.5 percent, J.D. Power’s data show, while the difference among sports car owners was more than 9 percent.

The main complaint about run-flats was that they need to be replaced prematurely. According to the survey, 31% of customers with OE run-flat tires had to replace at least one tire in the first two years of ownership, compared to 19% for those whose vehicle was equipped with standard tires.

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