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February 2, 2015

Pirelli’s new all-season tire includes self-sealing option

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On January 28, Pirelli unveiled a new all-season replacement tire for Europe at a launch event in Sicily. The Cinturato All-Season is available in 15-, 16-, and 17-inch sizes and is designed for cars with small-to-medium engines, particularly in temperate climates and urban environments. This tire represents Pirelli’s first full foray into an all-season tire under the Pirelli name. In another first, Pirelli is offering a puncture-resistant version of the tire incorporating Pirelli’s “Seal Inside” self-sealing technology. These tires incorporate a sealant layer that plugs holes in the tread caused by foreign objects. According to Pirelli’s research, 89% of drivers in their target market said they would pay a premium for self-sealing technology.

Notch Consulting examined the market potential for self-sealing tires as well as run flat tires and tire repair kits in a report published in April 2014, Prospects for Extended Mobility Systems: Run-Flat Tires, Tire Repair Kits & Self-Sealing Tires in OEM Passenger Car Markets.

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