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July 8, 2008

Chemtura to Remain Stand-Alone Company

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On June 26, 2008, Chemtura Corporation announced that, after reviewing various options for a potential sale, merger, or other business combination involving the entire company, Chemtura would continue to operate as a stand-alone company. In December 2007, Chemtura formed a special committee of its board of directors along with Merrill Lynch & Co. to review such options.

The board has ended discussions on a potential sale, merger or other business combination after determining that such discussions are unlikely at this time to result in an offer at a sufficiently attractive price. However, the company along with its advisers will continue to consider other options, including divestitures, acquisitions, joint ventures, and changes in the company’s capital structure, such as a stock repurchase program.

Here is the press release.

June 26, 2008

Chemtura Raises Rubber Chemical Prices

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Chemtura announced on Wednesday that it plans to raise prices on a its range of polymer additives used primarily in the rubber industry, effective July 15, 2008, or as contracts allow. The increases range from $0.10-$1.10 per kilogram, and come in response to higher raw material, energy, and transportation costs.

From Chemtura’s press release:



Amine antioxidants 1

$0.15 – $0.60/kg

Polyol stabilizers 2

$0.20 – $0.25/kg

Lowinox(R) CPL


Sunproof(R) Waxes


Naugard(R) 445


All other products 3

$0.10 -$0.50/kg

1 Includes Aminox® BLE ®25, BLE® 65, BLE® 70, BLE® 75, Flexzone® 4L, Naugard®Q, Novazone® AS, Octamine®

2 Includes Naugard® PS30, Naugard® PS48 and Naugard® PS4830

3 Includes BIK OT®, Bonding Agent P-1, Hepteen Base®, Naugawhite®, Opex 80®, Royalac® 150 and Trimene Base®.

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